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Craving the Season: Winter

Let’s face it, unless you are an Olympic figure skater, or a tobogganing-loving toddler, you probably feel about winter the way we do - it’s down-right cold, dark and depressing! On most days the idea of staying sheltered under the duvet is a far superior option than braving the frigid air.  We think we can all agree that the winter season brings on...

Q & A with Suzanne Weaver

Q: My skin is not looking good this season.  I'm seeing red and dry patches all over my face and neck. HELP!

A:  Over the course of the last few weeks I have encountered red, scratchy, and dry flaky skin on so many people says Wellness Warrior and skin expert, Suzanne Weaver.
Mother Nature is a wee bit upset right now and we need to take action...

Hot Cocoa

Sure to quench your cravings for something sweet, rich and steamy, especially now with the arrival of the cold weather, this hot cocoa recipe has iron and fibre and keeps health-sabotaging sugars super low. Perfect for little ones, but even better for all us chocolate-cravers! Depending on the preferred milk used, this can be made dairy and nut-free.


Healthy Hot...