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Salsa Verde

Who's artichoking these days? To stuff or not to stuff, that's the real question! These artichokes were steamed and then their delicious hearts and leaves were dipped in a fresh, raw, Salsa Verde. This is probably the best way to enjoy these beauties. Family approved! Besides being a delicious and fresh dipping sauce, this Salsa Verde tastes amazing drizzled on top of fish or chicken,...

Avocado “Caprese” Salad

Redefining Caprese salad! Here's a way to lighten up this classic I‪talian‬ salad. It's a ‪dairy-free, ‪‎vegan‬ and ‪‎paleo‬ version but doesn't miss out on the beautiful creamy and fragrant essence of this ‪salad‬.

Using avocados instead of the traditional mozzarella adds vitamin E, potassium and dietary fibre, not to mention a creamy, decadent texture. This substitution also greatly improves the quality...

Summer meets Autumn Salad

This summer-meets-autumn salad was out of this world! End of season tomatoes and fresh basil mixed with woodsy oyster mushrooms on baby greens. Topped with a sweet honey mustard vinaigrette.

Don't have the time to put something pretty together? Rotisserie chicken bought at the grocery store and prewashed salad made this lunch simple and easy to toss together!


Summer Meets Autumn...

Rainbow Slaw Salad

My day was brightened by this big bowl of rainbow gorgeousness. Red cabbage dressed with a dairy-free dressing that packs a nutritional punch. The pumpkin seeds add healthy omega fats and loads of iron making this a perfect way to nurture the body. This salad adds raw goodness and a tasty crunch alongside any meal.


Rainbow Slaw Salad

  • 1 small head of...

Kidney Bean Salad

Harness the disease-fighting, waist-whittling power of kidney beans in this versatile bean salad! Bursting with vegan protein, iron and loads of immune-boosting and energy-bursting nutrients, this salad works well as either the main deal or as a nutrient-packed side to your next meal.


Kidney Bean Salad