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Craving the Season: Autumn

It’s all around us – pumpkin pie, squash soup, sweet potato mash. Autumn is summoned and we’re suddenly inundated with cinnamon and spice and everything nice! This season represents the slow and steady decay of all that no longer serves us.  It’s an important time when we learn to let go of things and shed all of the excess baggage from the year....

Pumpkin Pie Blondies

Who's up for a delicious way to get more fibre, protein and veggies into their diet, all while satisfying those nagging sugar cravings?  Is that even possible?? It is! We've got you covered in this flourless and utterly moist blondie recipe. Pumpkin is bursting with disease-fighting vitamins and the navy beans are loaded with hunger-quelling and figure-flattering fibre and protein.

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