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Oat ‘Breadcrumb’ Coating

Here's a way to give yourself a break from wheat, gluten and breadcrumbs - oats!  Use oats in place of breadcrumbs and you'll get the same crispy goodness but with added nutrients such as protein, iron and magnesium. Using gluten-free oats ensures a gluten-free coating. No one in this household noticed that a healthy upgrade had been made. This is definitely a dinner winner!


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Chunky Monkey Oatmeal Bars

Reminiscent of a favourite ice cream flavour from childhood, these chunky monkeys  are moist, naturally sweetened and nutritious for the whole family. These oatmeal bars are high in fibre and the added nuts and flax seeds makes them a great source of protein and healthy fats. These bars are dairy-free and wheat-free and they make a helpful quick breakfast or snack option especially...