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Super Simple Berry Smoothie

Supercharge your day with maximum nutrition and raw goodness from this oh-so-simple, yet yummy smoothie! Bonus: it’s kid-approved! A fabulous way to get more nutrients and green power into our little ones – Angelica loves her daily smoothie fix!! And see below for our 'fat' tip and learn the importance of adding some healthy fats to our smoothies.


Hot Cocoa

Sure to quench your cravings for something sweet, rich and steamy, especially now with the arrival of the cold weather, this hot cocoa recipe has iron and fibre and keeps health-sabotaging sugars super low. Perfect for little ones, but even better for all us chocolate-cravers! Depending on the preferred milk used, this can be made dairy and nut-free.


Healthy Hot...

The little things in life: redefining kids’ nutrition

We feel defeated even before we begin planning a meal.  Our child is on hunger strike when veggies hit the table.  And fish? It's the fastest way to bring on a tantrum. We’ve all been there friends. My eldest daughter spent four solid years as a carby cheese-aholic, refusing to eat anything unless it was starchy, bready and topped with cheese.  Any protein...

Being sneaky with Greens!

Q: I know how healthy dark leafy greens are, but how will I ever get my picky children to eat them?

A: Ensuring proper muscle function, brain development and bone growth as well as decreasing obesity risks, and improving school performance are just a few of the  benefits that children will reap from getting their greens. The easiest and most nutrition-crammed way...