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Creamy Pumpkin Risotto

A creamy Italian classic... redefined! Risotto is traditionally made rich and creamy with the use of butter, parmigiano cheese and, often, cream. This lightened up version is velvety rich and savoury without the use of any dairy. Besides being deliciously creamy, this dish both radiant in colour and packed with nutrients thanks to the pumpkin and turmeric spice.


Creamy Pumpkin Risotto

Serves 4.

Avocado “Caprese” Salad

Redefining Caprese salad! Here's a way to lighten up this classic I‪talian‬ salad. It's a ‪dairy-free, ‪‎vegan‬ and ‪‎paleo‬ version but doesn't miss out on the beautiful creamy and fragrant essence of this ‪salad‬.

Using avocados instead of the traditional mozzarella adds vitamin E, potassium and dietary fibre, not to mention a creamy, decadent texture. This substitution also greatly improves the quality...

Italian Wedding Soup

Italian wedding soup - redefined! Made with whole ingredients, this paleo-friendly soup is super healthy and delicious! Remember that soups are not only comforting,  they are also a powerful way to boost hydration and naturally detox our body. Yes autumn, let's bring on the soup!


Italian Wedding Soup

Classic Italian Tomato Sauce

Can you make pizza night healthier? Yes! But I've learned this the hard way. It's about portioning and the quality of ingredients. When the family craves pizza on a week day, we round up some whole grain pitas and our favourite toppings. No one ends up eating too much and we all get to customize our favourite combos. The trick is to keep things simple...

Making Italian Sauce Healthier

I'm Italian. And I have kids. Of course there will be pasta dinners...lots of them! Instead of depriving ourselves of a favourite comfort food, we can all give our favourite pasta dishes a nutritional upgrade! Here I blended up beets, carrots and spinach and added that to a meat sauce to make one nutrient-packed bolognese sauce! There are many varieties of pasta: whole...