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Making Italian Sauce Healthier

I'm Italian. And I have kids. Of course there will be pasta dinners...lots of them! Instead of depriving ourselves of a favourite comfort food, we can all give our favourite pasta dishes a nutritional upgrade! Here I blended up beets, carrots and spinach and added that to a meat sauce to make one nutrient-packed bolognese sauce! There are many varieties of pasta: whole...

Giving burgers a good rap

  Barbeque season is fast approaching!  Burgers get a bad rap but the truth is that small upgrades can take you from an unhealthy meal to one that is  super healthy and packed with delicious flavour.   Here  are some small upgrades to start with:
  • Go bunless, try a half bun, enjoy your burger in a lettuce wrap or trade in the white bun for a multigrain bun that's...

Oat ‘Breadcrumb’ Coating

Here's a way to give yourself a break from wheat, gluten and breadcrumbs - oats!  Use oats in place of breadcrumbs and you'll get the same crispy goodness but with added nutrients such as protein, iron and magnesium. Using gluten-free oats ensures a gluten-free coating. No one in this household noticed that a healthy upgrade had been made. This is definitely a dinner winner!


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