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Black (Bean) Magic Brownies

Looking for a killer brownie recipe? Or a tasty way to get more fibre and protein into your diet? We've got you covered in our must-try Black Magic Brownie recipe - the magic is all in the black beans!! Gluten-free, dairy-free yet filled with utter moist decadence! Using black beans, and a little coconut oil, in this recipe replaces the need to use any...

Orange & Cranberry Granola Bars

Orange and cranberry season is here! We're always on the lookout for tasty granola bars that not only pack a nutritional punch, but are also easy to make. These are chewy and soft granola bars with a festive hint of citrus and cranberry. They are vegan, gluten-free, dairy-free and a great school snack for the kids since they're also nut-free.


Orange & Cranberry Granola...

Turmeric Ginger Tea

For those seeking to boost the immune system and warm the body and soul, especially during the colder months, here's a delicious hot drink to try. It is bursting with nutritional powerhouses: turmeric, ginger and cinnamon are naturally anti-inflammatory and will work to ward off viruses. This health-promoting 'tea' is the sweetest way to prevent colds and burnout this season!


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Flourless Double Chocolate Cookies

I love chocolate. A lot. Abundant in antioxidants, minerals and endorphin-boosters, it's nature's health food as far as I'm concerned! This soft-baked cookie recipe is a delicious way to enjoy chocolate's natural health properties, along with getting  some extra fibre and protein into our diets (from the black beans! Yes...a cookie made with beans!).

Using black beans, and a little coconut oil, in...

Pumpkin Spiced Macaroons

Inspired by the season's flavours of pumpkin and warm spices, these grain-free treats are sure to satisfy your sweet cravings without any of the guilt! They’re sweetened with unrefined maple syrup and boast all of the health benefits that coconut and pumpkin have to offer.  Coconut is full of fibre and healthy fats that boost metabolisms and immune systems, while pumpkin...