sexy salad recipes

sexySALADS: salads are getting an upgrade!

Here a few ideas to get you on your way to building an irresistible salad.  Remember that these are totally customizable to suit both your tastes, budget and what you have available.  For example, in our little miss sweet and spicy salad, if you don’t have Portobello mushrooms or have an appreciation for them, just substitute with another vegetable (such as last night’s leftover roasted butternut squash) or omit altogether.

You’ll also notice that salad ingredients are listed without portion sizes.  We foremost believe that a hearty helping of unprocessed, unrefined nutrient-dense food is always a welcomed move.  If you’re going to build a serious and lasting relationship with sexySALADS then they ought to feel fulfilling and refreshing, not daunting and calculated.  Finally, portion sizes need to reflect your bio-individual needs, which are different from everyone else’s, and will also change throughout your own life.  Those provided in our template are merely general guidelines.

Make sexySALADS your next clean eating meal! Click here for some example recipes.