Summer meets Autumn Salad

This summer-meets-autumn salad was out of this world! End of season tomatoes and fresh basil mixed with woodsy oyster mushrooms on baby greens. Topped with a sweet honey mustard vinaigrette.

Don’t have the time to put something pretty together? Rotisserie chicken bought at the grocery store and prewashed salad made this lunch simple and easy to toss together!


Summer Meets Autumn Salad

◾Mixed baby greens, washed

◾Tomatoes, diced

◾Avocado, sliced or diced

◾Roasted chicken, shredded or diced

◾Oyster mushrooms (or any favourite mushroom), sautéed in olive oil, sliced up

◾Fresh basil, washed and torn

◾Optional – olives


◾1/4 cup extra virgin olive oil

◾1/2 cup apple cider vinegar

◾1-2 teaspoons of raw honey

◾1-2 teaspoons of grainy mustard

Combine dressing ingredients in a jar, shake until well incorporated and use as needed. Store leftover dressing in a glass jar in the fridge.


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