Sexy Salads Exposed

Limp, boring, diet salads are out; scrumptious sexySALADS are in! Gone are the days where salads are the dieter’s tiresome substitution for meals.  The sexySALAD is making its debut as lead star in nutritional plans around the globe.  This is an exciting way to incorporate some of your favorite mealtime ingredients, resurrect last night’s leftovers or even turn some of your favorite meals into a more nutritionally dense dish that is sure to keep you feeling satisfied all the while delivering you maximum health benefits.  We love the idea of adding a souped-up salad into your daily routine because it ensures that you benefit from their raw live nutrients.  Stocking up on veggies, especially raw ones, equips you with vitamins and live enzymes and is alkalizing on the system, making them one of your best weapons to combat chronic inflammation – a precondition for a group of common ailments such as asthma, arthritis, cancer and even Alzheimer’s disease, among so many others.  The long term benefits are substantial, and so are your short term gains.  A super sexySALAD will make you feel both super and sexy!  High-water content ingredients keep you hydrated which, among other things, helps keep your skin glowing and things moving along in the digestive tract.  The constant flushing in your system results in a slimmer unbloated version of you! The less work your body does to digest foods the more energy you’ll have to spend on fantastic you (wink)!

We have perfected a formula for creating a scrumptious salad, giving you all the freedom to customize your own sexySALAD depending on your mood, budget, cravings or simply what’s in your fridge. In order to reap the greatest benefits from any clean eating plan, we recommend experimenting with one super sexySALAD every day – either as a sassy side to your meal, or as the main deal.

Unleash your inner audaciousness by using our template to create your own refreshing creation or check out our luscious favourites here.

Whenever possible, do your liver a favour and use organic ingredients. We want our livers working on extracting maximum energy from foods and keeping us healthy and utterly irresistible, not loaded down from filtering out toxins found in conventional produce and animal products.


Feeling undressed?

We know that salad dressing has been a controversial topic over the years – giving salad-haters around the world fuel to liken the caloric content of a side salad to that of a deep-friend Mars bar. Fear not!  Stick with unprocessed and unrefined foods in both your dish and dressing and you’ll be chomping your way to a sexier, healthier you in no time all the while being seduced by a savoury explosion of flavours.  If you’re still unsure about the ‘unsexy salad dressing conundrum’ then we have a very simple solution: first, throw away those over-priced, nutritionally-void and figure sabotaging store-bought dressings. Second, use a super easy and heart-healthy favourite: our go-to olive oil and balsamic dressing - one part extra-virgin olive oil to two parts aged balsamic vinegar!  That’s it! Not only is this quick and easy to prepare, but it works superbly on its own or as a base for whatever imaginative creation inspires you. Plus, it stores well allowing you make a large amount in a glass jar or bottle and keep in your pantry…it’ll be always ready and eager to dress up your next sexySALAD!

Note: always check the label on balsamic vinegar.  If it lists caramel color then it is not real balsamic instead it’s wine vinegar with coloring which is not even close to the sweet syrupy real thing. Concerned about the naturally-occuring sugar in balsamic vinegar? Use red wine, apple cider or sherry vinegar but lessen the ratio to 1:1 or even 2:1 in favour of oil as these vinegars are more tart.

If you’re feeling especially sassy then check out our mix-and-match dressing chart to custom make your own dressing: