Being sneaky with Greens!

Q: I know how healthy dark leafy greens are, but how will I ever get my picky children to eat them?

A: Ensuring proper muscle function, brain development and bone growth as well as decreasing obesity risks, and improving school performance are just a few of the  benefits that children will reap from getting their greens. The easiest and most nutrition-crammed way to get greens into your little treasures is to be sneaky! Hide them into their favourite dishes (a small handful of your green of choice is all you need for a vitamin-packed burst of nutrition).

Try these three clever ways to pump up the health benefits of your kiddies’ meals:

  • Shamrock Shake anyone?? Gather up your child’s favourite smoothie or shake ingredients, add in a few leaves of any mild-tasting greens (think: spinach or baby kale) and blend up an energy-bursting concoction. Tip: if the ‘green’ hue turns them off, mask it with a highly-pigmented fruit like blueberries or even raw cocoa powder for a yummy iron-rich bonus! Who can resist a chocolate shake…for breakfast?!
  • Magical Macaroni! Give your superstars some green magic by finely chopping your greens, sautéing them in olive oil, and adding them to their favourite pasta sauce. OR, if your children tend to turn their noses up to green flecks in their treasured pasta dishes, simply purée the greens with the sauce ingredients. Serve, and let the nutritional magic nourish those growing bodies!
  • Putting the ‘Wonder’ in One-Pot Wonders! Give your little Wonder Woman or Superman his/her favourite one-pot meal (chili, stew, lasagna, or any tomato-based casserole) with a kick of vitamin-bursting, brain-boosting greens. Purée the greens with any of the ingredients you’re using (beans, carrots, onions, tomatoes) and they’ll never know their ‘Sloppy’ Joe is actually a very healthy and Super Fit Joe!!

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