Infamous Inflammation

Inflammation is the cornerstone of healing; it’s our body’s natural response to illness and brilliant defence mechanism – like our own internal kung fu master ready to kick butt!   When part of us is infected or irritated by bacteria, viruses, fungi, microbial invaders, or physically injured by trauma, our immune system’s instinctive response is to remove the threat, nourish the affected area and stimulate healing through the inflammatory process.  This brilliant healing process is marked by increased blood flow to the site (in order to carry the additional nourishment and disease-fighters needed to the injured site). What follows is swelling, redness and a warming of the area – which explains why we refer to it as inflammation.

But this internal kung fu master can turn on us, mistakenly attacking healthy cells and tissue, and as a result, put us in a damaging state of chronic silent inflammation – a condition where, instead of ensuring your body’s protection, the inflammation is causing its destruction. Left unchecked, this insidious chronic inflammation will undoubtedly cause an overtaxed immune system and the persistent destruction of vital tissues and cells which will put us into a state of dis-ease.  Chronic silent inflammation has been linked to a myriad of health conditions and degenerative diseases, almost all of which have been on the rise over the last few decades, and include: acne, allergies, Alzheimer’s disease, arthritis, asthma, cancer, cardiovascular disease, Celiac disease, Crohn’s disease, depression, obesity, pre-mature aging and many others.

So what makes our internal kung fu master turn on us in the first place? Relentless stimulus. Free radicals launched every day from our foods and environment, low-grade bacterial, viral, and parasitic infections, chemical irritants, as well as pro-inflammatory foods and harmful responses to life’s daily stress are all examples of the stimuli responsible for creating and sustaining chronic inflammation. Plus, “chronic inflammation falls below the threshold of perceived pain. You don’t think you feel sick, but a fire is quietly smoldering within you, upsetting the delicate balance among all of the major systems: endocrine, central nervous, digestive, and cardiovascular/respiratory. In a healthy body, these systems communicate with each another. With chronic inflammation, that communication becomes distorted.”[1] So basically, we are all surrounded by and engulfed in inflammatory stimuli each and every day AND we have no idea we have it until it’s too late and we’re battling an inflammatory illness listed above.

So now that we’re all aware of the good, the bad and the downright ugly of this insidious inflammation, what do we do about it? Fear not fellow wellness enthousiast! Despite the sneakiness of chronic inflammation and the prevalence of these malevolent conditions, the positive news is that YOU actually have a tremendous amount of preventative power.  And we’re not talking about taking conventional pharmaceuticals, such as statin drugs[2], and dealing with their nasty side effects: muscle weakness, mental problems, liver toxicity and kidney damage. Although these drugs can suppress inflammation in some people, they don’t work for everyone and carry too high a risk for the unwanted side effects mentioned above.

What we are talking about is addressing and quelling chronic silent inflammation naturally and safely – our best defense against infamous inflammation and the host of malicious conditions it generates.  What we eat, how and when we eat it and how the other aspects of our life are nourishing us has an immense influence on our immune system and our body’s ability to naturally heal itself by keeping inflammation under control.  Get on board with an anti-inflammatory lifestyle and you’ll stack yourself better odds than a Vegas casino!

So if you’re ready to oust a healthier and more irresistible you, then zeroing in on chronic inflammation is an excellent start. An anti-inflammatory diet plus anti-inflammatory practices targeted to control internal and external stress will drastically boost your vitality by keeping inflammation in check.

[1] Source: Arizona Centre of Advanced Medicine

[2] Statins are widely-used medications that are often used to lower cholesterol. Dr. David Agus, claims that statins have surprisingly powerful anti-inflammatory actions that can slow the aging process and reduce your risk of many diseases and that anyone at risk for chronic inflammation should take them. But at what price? For more, read the full article here.


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