These truffles are sure to wow any chocolate lover! Made with all natural, organic ingredients and whole foods, these truffles are not only decadent but they are also free of major allergens. Our truffles are a perfect addition to your next gathering, event or party as a memorable favour or a gorgeous platter. Each box or platter comes beautifully packaged and tailored to your sweet taste buds.


Indulge in these flavour varieties:

Shaved Dark Chocolate

Rich, intense and smooth. The perfect companion for any chocoholic, our shaved dark chocolate truffle uses the finest fair trade organic vegan chocolate (71% cacao) from Peru for a deep chocolate flavour in each delicate shaving that coats it.

Spicy Mayan

Sweet meets spicy with giddying effects in this truffle variety – something we could all use more of in life! From the first bite, you enjoy the sweetness and aromas from cinnamon and organic coconut sugar, but then are pleasantly surprised by the subtle yet spicy heat from pure cayenne pepper. Exotic and fabulous.

Shredded Coconut

Simple yet decadent. Coating these vegan truffles in unsweetened coconut allows the seductive aromas of the tropics to emerge as you bite into each truffle. The natural sweetness of the coconut is complimented by the rich and smooth truffle centre. This flavour variety has zero added sugars.

Mint Chocolate

Cool and zingy, and oh-so-chocolatey. We use pure organic peppermint extract to infuse the right amount of minty delight into these chocolate balls. Mint and chocolate – a classic flavour combination that tingles the taste buds and satisfies the sweetest of cravings. This truffle is coated with the same fair trade organic vegan chocolate (71% cacao) from Peru that our shaved dark chocolate uses.

Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough

Sweet vanilla meets decadent chocolate in this creamy truffle variety. Our chocolate chip cookie dough flavour has all the necessary components of a cookie dough binge without the guilt. The vegan truffle centre is scented with organic vanilla and then rolled in airy shavings of pure organic fair-trade dark chocolate (71% cacao), sourced from Peru, and topped with mini dark chocolate chips.



small 2-piece gift boxes are $6 +HST each *

2pack dolce vegan truffles

medium 6-piece gift boxes are $15 +HST each *


individual truffles are $2.50 +HST each (based on a minimum order of 25 truffles)*

larger gift boxes or packaged platters of truffles are available and priced depending on volume


* Volume discount may be available – inquire for details. For gift baskets, an additional charge applies depending on style of basket or tray selected.

Delivery charges may apply. Pick-up option in Toronto is available.

Pricing and minimum spend for volume discount is subject to change.

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