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Gluten-free treats kids will love!

PB & J Brownie Cups (flourless!)

Peanut butter and jam meet chocolate brownies! Here's a treat that is lower in sugar, completely flourless, dairy-free and gluten-free, but every bit as decadent!  Because they're made with black beans, these sweet treats are also a great way to get more fibre and protein into your diet. A 'health' food never tasted so good!


PB & J Brownie Cups (flourless!)

Gingerbread Cookies (flourless!)

This is holiday baking...redefined! Full of soft-baked decadence and holiday spice, but free of flour, gluten, dairy, refined sugar, and guilt. Yes!! These gingerbread cookies are sure to satisfy your cravings for holiday treats all season long. Using chickpeas in place of flour makes these healthy holiday indulgences high in fibre, grain-free and protein-packed.


A nut-free version is  available below allowing these cookies to be...

Vegan Muesli Breakfast Bars

Muesli is a nourishing dense mixture of cereals (especially rolled oats), dried fruit and nuts, typically eaten with milk at breakfast. We've made muesli more convenient and portable by baking it up in these soft, chewy bars that can be enjoyed at breakfast, or anytime of the day! Sweet and hearty, these bars will leave you nourished and your sweet cravings satisfied. By...

Vanilla Waffles (gluten-free!)

We are introducing waffles to the healthy breakfast scene... with a nutritional makeover of course! These soft, vanilla-scented waffles are bursting with nutrients from the ingredients used: coconut flour and almond butter are high in healthy fats and fibre and using extra eggs provides additional protein. The additional fats, fibre and protein will have us fuelled and energized long after breakfast is over, and...

Pumpkin Oatmeal Clusters

This moist, hearty cluster, bursting with autumn spice, combines the disease-fighting nutrients in pumpkin with the healthy properties of oats, flax and dark chocolate.  A nutrient-packed breakfast idea or snack on-the-go to keep energy levels up, and cravings at bay. These clusters are vegan and free of gluten, dairy and nuts.


Pumpkin Oatmeal Clusters with Dark Chocolate Chips