Giving burgers a good rap


Barbeque season is fast approaching!  Burgers get a bad rap but the truth is that small upgrades can take you from an unhealthy meal to one that is  super healthy and packed with delicious flavour.


Here  are some small upgrades to start with:

  • Go bunless, try a half bun, enjoy your burger in a lettuce wrap or trade in the white bun for a multigrain bun that’s packed with grains and seeds.
  • Skip the processed condiments and load your burger up with veggies like baby spinach, tomatoes, onions,  cucumber, grilled peppers and mushrooms, jalapenos and of course avocado.
  • Try using different quality meats like turkey and chicken
  • The most important tip: always accompany your delicious burger with a salad dressed with olive oil and balsamic vinegar. This way there’s no reason to feel guilty!

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