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We are sisters!

We’re also busy moms and certified health coaches. Having both overcome adversities in our own health, we’re on a mission to inspire health upgrades, evacuate fad dieting and help you redefine what it means to be a healthier you. We take everyday favourite recipes and give them nutritional makeovers. Eat, enjoy and feel perfect in your skin! 

Hello, I’m Sil!

SONY DSCI am a passionate advocate for women looking to make serious jaw-dropping transformations.   I am a mom, a wife and I spent the last decade working in the academic world. I received my PhD in 2012 which examined the links between paid and unpaid work for women with special attention to the experiences of immigrant care workers.  My research on care and domestic work, my new found role as a mother and firsthand experience around the stress of being an academic were catalysts in restarting my career as a health and wellness coach.  I began to question how we, as professional women and mothers, have come to care for ourselves and understand the concept of balance.  This, along with a long-standing passion for nutrition and wellness, and my recent cutting-edge training in integrative nutrition, has prompted my sister and me to create this forum for women to redefine ideas of balance.

Getting to this place has been a juicy journey!  I spent many years suffering from asthma, depression and eating disorders.    My healing process has had a lot to do with cultivating a healthy, wholesome lifestyle.  Although, it also had a tremendous amount to do with re-creating a solid relationship with myself – really looking at myself and being honest with how I felt about me.  It was scary. We spend so much time eating, sleeping, working, stressing, consuming – just to avoid really being alone with, and honest about, ourselves. But I was able to get to a point where I could let go of self-harm – no longer needing to abuse food and substances, which, by default, helped remedy my chronic asthma and depression.  Letting go of negative patterns (and untruthful) beliefs created space in my life for wonderful things.  I am now surrounded by unbelievable beauty.   This is how I redefine…me!

Hello, I’m Trisha!

SONY DSCAs a busy mom, wife, CPA, certified health coach and TWO-time cancer-survivor, I am a health and wellness aficionado hoping to inspire other women to upgrade their own nutritional profile and sense of balance. In 1996 I was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s Lymphoma. At just 21 years of age, in university working on my business degree, I was wrapped up in my myopic view of my life and what I thought was important – oblivious to what this cancer diagnosis would mean for me. My journey through and past the cancer revealed an opportunity to evaluate the components of my life (what was working, what wasn’t, and how to move forward). At the time I just knew I had to get rid of it, and fast, so I propelled myself into an integrative approach to healing which included radiation therapy, along with a radical nutritional overhaul and some eastern medicine practices.  Thankfully I recovered amazingly and enjoyed full remission, all without missing a beat from life – and in your early twenties, life is all about keeping up with school and the social scene. Over the years, however, between marriage, kids and a demanding career, my stress levels climbed – I felt like I was in a frenzy, in a panic, and overwhelmed, all the time. And since the radiation treatments I received to treat my Hodgkin’s Lymphoma increased my risks for secondary cancers, there ensued almost two decades of doctor appointments, blood-work, scans, tests and oh-so-many cancer recurrence scares. Then in 2014 I was diagnosed with thyroid cancer and had half of my thyroid removed. Was this my wake-up call to redefine how I cope with life’s stressors? That’s what I thought! And so began an inward journey to reach a place of healing. The impact both experiences left on me endured in the most magnificent, soul-shaking and transformative way imaginable.

Mind-body-soul connecting and food exploration, focused on disease-prevention, have led me to embrace more mindful eating and living practices. Do I still overstress over the challenges of work, family and life? Of course! Do I enjoy my wine, chocolate, coffee, maybe a little too much at times? You bet! But I’ve learned to acknowledge and welcome these as part of me, and part of my journey to better my health and determine what works for me, my family, my life. This mindfulness has become my lifeline in helping to shape, or redefine each and every day, the balance between all the moving parts in my life. What started out as a very specific goal – become cancer-free – ended up becoming an everlasting life-changing process of upgrading my health & wellness and achieving an overall sense of greatness.

Life’s hardships and challenges can always give way to new growth, opportunities and vision, if you let that process unfold!


Welcome to redefine your balance!

This is a forum to discuss and present new, exciting and inspiring ways to tackle all of the moving parts in our lives, and how these parts are impacted by what we eat.  As health enthusiasts (and food lovers!), our website has an obvious angle and emphasis on health and nutrition.   We want to start redefining the contours of what living and feeling healthy means.  We believe that when our bodies start to feel exceptional, then we’re likely to spill that fabulous energy onto other aspects of our lives – our relationships, work spaces, spiritual practices and home life. Join us in redefining your balance!

Silvia & Trisha



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What others are saying about us!

“Trisha and Silvia are true experts when it comes to food cravings. They addressed and dissected different types of cravings answering the questions why and how we can feed the craving in a way that will leave us feeling nourished and energized (instead of binge eating and feeling guilty). I also loved how they use the principle of “crowding out” in order to gradually enhance our health and lifestyle. Their workshop was very interactive which enabled them to connect with their audience and answer participants’ individual questions.  The best part were the goodie bags of craving quencher cookies made of chick peas and the recipe to go with it! I would recommend this dynamic duo to anyone who wants to take control of their cravings and life a happier, well-balanced lifestyle!” - Brigitte Grenier,  fitness expert, choreographer/dancer, former Captain of the Toronto Argonauts Cheerleaders and founder of CheerBody. 

“Trisha Muraca and Silvia D’Addario of Redefine Your Balance, were special guests at a workshop on Diabetes and Nutrition on behalf Dress for Success’ Professional Women’s Group.  The workshop was in partnership with Walmart Canada Inc. as part of a community action project. This sister duo provided a diverse group with a wealth of information, including their own personal stories of illness and recovery.  They have a knack for engaging audiences at all levels and for this reason, I highly recommend Trisha and Silvia for your next big event!” – Angie Meade, Dress for Success