5-day body reboot

Clean Eating is about never dieting again! No more fad diets, obsessive calorie counting, fasts or extreme cleanses. No more berating yourself about your weight, how bloated or tired you feel, or why you keep getting colds and flues. Clean eating is about eating real, whole, unprocessed foods and will get you to the place where you have envisioned yourself; feeling healthy with tons of energy and sporting a body that makes you proud to wake up each and every morning.

What can you expect to gain from making this shift? Amazing! And you will…
  • Ignite a sluggish metabolism (yes, losing unwanted weight!)
  • Eliminate those nagging food cravings, especially sugar cravings
  • Reduce bloating (so that your clothes won’t fit snug anymore!)
  • Feel improvements in your digestive system (get those systems movin’ & groovin’!)
  • Maintain a healthy weight (no more yo-yoing with the scale!)
  • Strengthen your immune system (fewer colds and flues!)
That’s where this 5-day body reboot comes in.

Five days of clean eating to kick off a lifetime of clean eating habits. Five days to reset metabolisms so they burn fat more efficiently. Five days to reboot your body to feel healthier and more fantastic.

Five days is exactly what it takes to start seeing and feeling noticeable changes from eating clean. It also conveniently coincides with the work week, which means that it may be easier to follow a new dietary plan without worrying about the weekend. We definitely understand that indulging happens!

If you can make the commitment to yourself then we will show you how with our new 5-day body reboot program.


What is included in this program?

5-day meal plan – that is packed with food so you won’t be hungry. Suggested meals can be altered and the plan can be repeated as many times as you like.

recipes for your meals – we include some of our most popular clean eating meals including our kale crusader salad, carrot ginger detox soup, overnight oatmeal parfait, whole slow cooker chicken and roasted root vegetables.

grocery and pantry stock list – we arm you with your own clean eating inventory organized by food group and shopping aisle!

snack, protein and side swaps – we equip you with a lengthy list of swaps so that you can tailor the program to please your taste buds or dietary restrictions.

Bonus: you get our health coaching support while you’re on this plan! You will have unlimited access to our hottest tips and tricks to help you succeed!

Get our 5-day body reboot program for $49 CAD by sending your order in at info@redefineyourbalance.com